principal profile

Principal’s Profile

Dr. Sudhanshu Shekhar Bhaskaram, Associate Professor and H.O.D. of Zoology, became Professor-in-Charge of A.S. College on 12/07/2018, and since then he has been working hard to improve the academic and administrative ambience of our college. He has done PhD on the adverse effect of pesticides on fishes used by farmers in the field. His main idea is to analyze how pesticides used by the farmers run into the waterbodies and adversely affect the life of specific fish. His research aims to preserve water and human bodies from the adverse effect of pesticide and to promote eco-friendly system. It is the outcome of his research that he has promoted the plantation work in our college campus.

 Having the experience of more than 30 years in teaching as well as being the member of 13th and 14th Legislative Assembly of Bihar, and the Whip of ruling party in Bihar Legislative Assembly from 2005 to 2010, he has proved himself an asset to our college. On academic fronts, he has taken many initiatives to impart the quality education. In this regard, he has digitalized the modus operandi of our college. The key initiative in the interest of students taken by him is the implementation of online admission during COVID-19 pandemic.

 It is his academic vision that he is upgrading the teaching modules of our college. Within a short span of Principalship, he has introduced Smart Classrooms, Language Lab and Swaym Lab so that our students could get benefits of mainstream education.

On administrative fronts, he has set an example for our college employee. Being an Ex- Member of Legislative Assembly, he has promoted the quality of leadership among our teachers and staff members. His vision and mission can be encapsulated in the following points:

            a)      To maintain Law and Order in the college premise

            b)      To inculcate quality education in our students

            c)       To promote leadership quality in our teachers and staff members

            d)      To introduce digital modus operandi in our college

            e)      To promote eco-friendly initiatives in our college

            f)       To ensure equal opportunity for the weaker section students

            g)      To introduce need base courses for our students

            h)      To set high standards of quality education

His achievements as a Principal:

         a)      Digitalization of Office

         b)      Online Admission Process during the COVID-19 pandemic

         c)       Smart Classrooms, Language Lab, Swaym Lab

         d)      Water Harvesting System, Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water Plant

         e)      Parking Shed



Above all, his main objective is to make our college a center of excellence with a view to enable our students an agent of social change.